Intense and systemized training in guitar technique, music theory and improvisation

Wether you feel stuck or simply want to supercharge your guitar skills the coaching I offer is a good way to improve drastically. My teaching systems are the combined results of teaching hundreds of guitar students for two decades and having studied with some of the worlds best teachers. A lot of my students have moved on to be professional guitarists and some of them gain international recognition.

The best way to work is personally “on location” so I recommend a trip to Salzburg that will give you enough material to work on for a few months. The ideal format is a 3-4 hour session.

The problem with “skype lessons” is that it’s hard to work on particular technical issues because I simply can’t show you movements on your own hand or guitar. Sometimes short physical contact helps more then a thousand words. Additionally some of the movements I might have to show you are so small that it is almost impossible to teach in a video format.

It is important that you know what you want to learn so that I can assist you in reaching your goals. Sometimes this requires a complete technique rebuild or something else you would not expect. But by my methods I can guarantee you improvement in the shortest possible time frame.

If you are interested in getting coached please contact me via email to map out the details. I can also assist you in finding a place to stay if you have to travel or you want to do a one week program which is possible in February, July, August and September.